Soccer Training for Over-50s

There is rarely training information online that is aimed at masters athletes. This often leads to overtraining and injury. I recently took on the challenge of a new sport: soccer (football for the rest of the world). As I prepared by body, I applied my experience coaching and participating in a variety of sports including decathlon and triathlon but still learned much! Read More 

Run the Gamut: The All-round Running Challenge

The origin of the phrase 'run the gamut' is from the musical world, 'gamut' being a medieval term meaning the full range of musical notes. So the phrase means, basically, to cover the full range. But for me the key world in there is 'RUN'! Read More (7 minute read)

Training for Decathlon and Triathlon at the Same Time

My two favourite sporting past times have six letters in common and that's about it. One is the epitome of power while the other endurance. The two share one key theme, versatility, and that is what always attracted me to them. For the last few years I would focus on track and power through the winter and then tri and endurance in the summer. The transition from one season to the other was interesting to say the least! Read More (4 minute read)

Don't Lose Fitness When You Most Need It

It's ok to let your fitness decrease at times during the year. Our body and brain need a break sometimes so allowing some periods of what we call detraining is important to allow us to build to new levels in the future. The most common time of year for this to happen for endurance athletes and the general population is the fall but too often I see athletes fitness drop in the summer just when we need it most. Read more. (3 minute read)

How To Build Your Own User Guide

Injuries can be caused by numerous factors with lack of specific strength and mobility topping the list. Don't get me wrong, you can be as prepared as possible and sometimes sh$t just happens and it sucks. Either way, an athlete must try their best to learn from the experience and then put that knowledge to use moving forward. Read more (2 minute read)

From Wearables to Awareness: Tracking Intensity

Balancing your weekly workload is important for everyone whether you're training for sport or trying to keep all aspects of your life in balance. If we do too much ______ (choose any of: exercise, partying, late night work etc) our wellness will suffer. Read more. (1 minute read + webinar link)

Running with Spring in Your Step

There have been many times in my career as a coach that people have apologetically confessed to me that they just can't get into running in the winter. I'm here to tell you that that is OK. Read more. (5 minute read)

Data Entry or Data Exit

Do you need to track exercise data? My answer to that question has always been that if collecting and analysing data motivates you to exercise then do it because it's exercising that makes you fitter. Read more

The Energy Pipeline

Each week I review my athletes' training plans and advise them on tweaks or adjustments that might maximize their progress towards their goals. Far and away the most important element of these reviews is analysis of their specific and overall energy trends. Read more

The Foundation of Success

The 'foundation' metaphor has been beaten to death when it comes to fitness, sport and endurance training. Most often you'll hear about starting slow, fixing what's broken, etc., things that are very important, no question... Read more.

Follow the Path of the JETI

This pandemic has forced the world to slow down. Let's hope in terms of fitness training it stays that way. We live in a society where three day shipping seems like a long delay...... Read more.

Go Slow to Get Fast

What's the rush, people!? Slow down when learning the movements in sport and chances are you'll be more successful. The benefits from going slow can be seen in a variety of activities including strength training, running and swimming...... Read more.

How Often Should I Workout? 

Our workouts happen each day of the week. It didn’t take long before the question arose from members: Should I workout everyday? Here’s my answer.... Read more

Even the Loan Wolf Needs to Howl with the Pack

This morning I woke up feeling a bit fragile. A poor night’s sleep, stress from a number of directions and, of course, the reality of these pandemic times all weighed a little heavier than in recent days......  Read more.

Ready for Anything

Over the last few years I’ve come to reflect on some of the names and faces that inspired my life in sport and fitness. I’m in my mid-fifties now and in many ways I feel the same as I did when I was in my mid-teens...... Read more.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

A study was released a few days ago on the topic of girls in sport and why so many drop out in their teen years. I had the privilege of addressing a House of Commons committee on this topic back in 2016...... Read more.

Guest Post: The Myth of Thin = Healthy

“Healthy”. “Thin”. The two terms are frequently conflated, in both overt and subtle ways. Indeed, we are living at a time when people’s foray into a healthier lifestyle is often framed as a quest for the elusive ‘thigh gap’ or the much-desired ‘beach body’..... Read more.

Small Steps Lead to Great Strides

It was four days before the 2018 national championships and I was in excellent condition. When I awoke the next morning I remember thinking to myself ‘Oh, well, no Nationals for me’. I knew I had the flu...... Read more.

You've Run 5k! Now What?

I was asked recently if I thought there were more runners in Ottawa this spring or fewer. It’s a great question. With no Race Weekend and associated goals, I’m guessing some people found it hard to get out the door to put in the miles...... Read more.

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