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Some of our members take advantage of the personal coaching services while others focus on the training classes.

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"I’ve never been able to see such quantifiable improvement and never persisted to work so long on a physical limitation. Feels good to see the improvement!" MC

"Back in the SEVENTIES, I significantly injured my right shoulder during provincial team tryouts. I've never forgotten that wrenching feeling, but over the years, I learned to "live with it", slightly compromising all shoulder motions to "get by".  However, after only 8 weeks of Geordie's online Strength and Mobility sessions, I have been stunned that my right shoulder now feels better than it has in OVER FORTY YEARS. I'm also embracing the brilliant JETI (just enough to improve)!" Thank you, best regards, AM

"With the travel restrictions I am spending more time at home and am enjoying tinkering more with my gardening hobby. It just dawned on me that I would inevitably be experiencing back pain at this point in the season. I can only credit my new exercise routine with you :)I think your approach of making your exercises accessible for all fitness levels (i.e. offering the different levels of difficulty options) together with your very gradual build up has really made it workable for me." MT

"The spin classes are an incredible workout, and super challenging, but I always look forward to them because the coach is so motivating! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay fit during these challenging times (and any other time for that matter)!" AN

"We went on a big canoe trip this weekend - 45 km of paddling over three days. I am very happy to say that I am not sore at all this week! I feel strong and agile, and I think it's due to the coaching and encouragement. Thanks so much Geordie and all my workout friends." SJF