I had the great fortune to meet and work with Geordie in the spring and summer of 2022. When I first met him, I was overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to follow a free pre-made training plan for my first Ironman. I cannot emphasized how much of a game changer working with a coach is. He worked with me to develop a training plan that worked for my very busy schedule, to improve my swim efficiency and introduce me to open water swimming, and to address the many logistics and nutrition questions that I had. I crossed the finish line wanting to do another Ironman in no small part due to Geordie’s guidance. Given the quality of coaching you get at a very reasonable price, I cannot say enough good things about TriathlonCoach.ca and I am looking forward to training with Geordie again next season. Thanks, Ben!

It was a magical day and a magical marathon. Honestly, couldn’t have asked for anything more, and I have you to thank!! Thank you so much for being such an incredible inspiration to me over the past 11 months, and getting me here! I have two goals in mind for 2023 - my first Sprint tri and maybe another marathon next fall when my BQ time will be 3:50. Thank you! Audra

With Geordie’s guidance I completed my first triathlon in 18 years and my first half Ironman distance ever with just 8 months of guided training. And I did not get injured!

Geordie’s measured approach to triathlon training helped me to avoid injury because he helped me to recognize when I needed ease off and ramp up. With his guidance, I completed three triathlons this year, including a half-Ironman distance. Thanks again! Michelle

The coaching allowed me return to running and duathlon again and recover from an injury that had persisted for years. The custom training plan, guidance, and encouragement combined with the online classes enabled me to train to run nearly as fast as I could 10 years ago. Thanks for everything. Dave

I benefitted a lot from Geordie's experience and wisdom when it comes to coaching. His tailored approach means that anyone of any age or size can improve their swim, bike, and run. Thanks! Jake

Geordie and his coaching team at Ottawa Swimming and TriathlonCoach.ca have been fabulous in keeping me fit for 16 years. After 20 triathlons, I am still swimming, biking and running strong even as my seventies beckon.

Moving faster along triathlon's straight lines is one aspect of fitness. Just as important are the yoga and recovery classes as they have helped me increase my flexibility and mobility immeasurably. Stephen Hazell

I just had an incredibly successful and enjoyable summer training and falling in love with triathlons! I want to sincerely thank you again for all of your exceptional support this season. You've given me so much confidence and all kinds of strength. I have learned so much. You'll hear from me again soon as I start eyeing what next summer could bring! Adele

The classes helped with building strength, mobility and balance required for this challenging hike on the West Coast Trail! Thanks!


Thank you very much, again. It was great working with you and know it would have been very difficult even finishing the race if I didn’t have your expert guidance. I really appreciate it and think it made all the difference. Ariane (Tremblant 70.3)