Expert Fitness Coaching in your home

We started offering online fitness classes and coaching in March of 2020 as Ottawa Online Fitness. In fall of 2022 we rebranded as and continue to support individuals for general fitness and triathlon training.

You don't have to be a triathlete to enjoy and benefit from our classes. In fact, around half of our membership use our framework and programs to keep themselves and fit and healthy for general life without any plans to do a triathlon.

We provide live, expert-led fitness classes you can join from home. Our workouts are built on functional fitness, exercises that will help you in your athletic and day to day life. You'll see the best moves from bootcamp, pilates, barre, and more in our classes. One of the keys: our sessions are very social - our members become part of a community and that keeps them coming back.

What our members say...

"Training movements instead of muscles makes so much sense. I feel like an athlete." MT

"The dryland swim and other strength training is the reason I'm a better swimmer this year." PS

"No driving, no parking, and we still get to socialize! I'll never go back to the gym!" RB

"There is no intimidation factor like gyms and the range of participants is so amazing." TK

"I've worked with other trainers and you are the best. You should be charging a lot more." JS

About Geordie McConnell, Head Coach