Our Ottawa Online Fitness webinar series gives us a chance to not only share the knowledge we've gained from over 30 years in sport and fitness but also to invite other experts in and tap into their brains to learn even more.

Live Webinar Series

  • We ask that non-members do not join the live webinar but wait to see the recording which is available afterwards on YouTube.

  • Simply click the link to join via laptop, desktop or smart phone

  • Once connected you'll see a thumbnail image till we go live.

  • To the right of the image there will be a text chat section where you can say hi and later ask questions.

  • In the video description below the image you'll find links to a summary handout and a local charity if you're able to donate.

  • The webinar will last 30-45 minutes including a Q+A section at the end

  • A recording of the webinar will be available on our YouTube channel after the event.

  • Training for Triathlon - Somersault Seminar Series

    • Part One: Introduction to Training for Triathlon - View Recording (39:00)

    • Part Two: How to Organize Your Training - View Recording (42:00)

    • Part Three: Swim, Bike, Run Technique and Equipment - View Recording (52:30)

    • Part Four: Race Day Tapering, Preparation and Execution - View Recording (55:00)

  • Monitoring Exercise Intensity (View Recording)

    • If you want to maximize your endurance performance learning to monitor and track your intensity is a key step. Coach Geordie walks you through how to do just that in this webinar.

  • Strength Training for Swimming (view recording - coming back soon!)

    • I'll teach/lead you in a simple workout you can do almost everyday to help maintain your swim muscles and probably even gain strength. If you don't already own a light resistance band, here's an example of the one piece of equipment you can benefit from having at home, a resista-band. It's better to go too light than two stiff. The green will be good for most while the red is suitable for our stronger swimmers.

  • Increasing Mobility for Swimming (view recording)

    • This is more important to most of our swimmers than strength but I know you're all more hungry to hear about strength so we'll start there. Shoulder and ankle mobility are a huge limiter for swimmers. Increase them and you will become a better swimmer.

  • Run Technique and Training (view recording)

    • Coach Geordie has worked with runners for over 20 years and is the founder of the Ottawa Running Club. Join him for chat all about run technique and training.

  • Avoiding Injury (view recording)

    • Dr. Garrett de Jong joins Geordie to talk about the amazing human body and how to get the most out of it.

  • Nutrition in the Time of Pandemic (view recording)

    • Nutritionist, writer and film maker Tamer Soliman joins Geordie to discuss some tips on handling nutrition during challenging times.