Summer 2024 Update

Our personal coach program is currently full. Please email to be added to our wait list especially if you are planning for Ironman Ottawa as lead in time is required.

The expert guidance you need for only $70/mo!

We'll help steer you on a simple and solid training process so you'll have confidence in the journey ahead. Whether you're in Canada or elsewhere in the world, our triathlon coaching will guide your training for everything from Ironman to Try a Tri's. Contact us to be part of training group.

Membership Includes:

Triathlon Training Webinar Series

Take some time to learn from a coach with 35 years of experience in triathlon.

About Coach Geordie McConnell

Geordie has guided the training of hundreds of triathletes over the years, helping them reach their goals and have fun doing it. 

Triathlon Coaching for $70/mo? How?

Typically triathlon coaches charge between $90 to $300+ per month and the lower end is usually for basic guidance on one sport only. How then can we coach all three sports for only $60? 

For over 20 years I've been working hard to increase accessibility to the sport of triathlon through my writing, swim coaching, and leadership in the triathlon community. My programs and memberships have always been priced low for one simple reason: I want to minimize the chance that price is the reason someone can't take part. I do not charge 'what the market will bear', I charge what I think will work for others and will work for me. (Spare a thought for my poor accountant!) At the same time, I make sure to provide the athlete what they really need.

My many years in personal coaching has showed me the number one benefit of a coach/athlete relationship is the accountability it provides. Knowing you're on the right track and knowing a coach is watching over you can make all the difference to the triathlon training experience. Then, when you do have a question, having an expert there to answer it.

I have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the greatest triathletes of all time including Dave Scott, Mark Allen, Karen Smyers and Simon Whitfield. They'll all tell you the key to success in triathlon is consistency. Simon and his squad used to say: "chop wood, carry water". The secret to triathlon training train! You need to put in the time, put in the work, and do so each day your plan calls for it. There is no magic workout but there is a logical progression and intensity balance to any training plan. 

Finally comes one of the biggest keys to coaching. Once the plan is in place it must be fluid. A coach will look at your response to each workout and if it is not as it should be (ie you struggle to finish an easy workout or go too hard on a moderate one) the plan must to adapted. When race day comes the goals must be based on what happened in training. Maybe it went incredibly well and goals are elevated. Or perhaps life happened and a more realistic goal structure is needed to ensure a successful race experience. 

I used to do a triathlon seminar and would introduce the secret to triathlon training then show a slide that featured an image of rocket science equations covering a chalk board. There would always be a pause before the laughter. No, triathlon training is not rocket science and, yes, you can get effective triathlon coaching for only $70 a month.

Posted by Geordie McConnell, Head Coach

How a Coach Can Help You Train for a Triathlon in Canada

A snowy and cold winter can make preparing for triathlon season a challenge and, with few exceptions, that's what Canada offers triathletes. Sure, you can wait till spring to start training but the fact is for many of us triathlon training in the winter helps us cope! It keeps us motivated, socializing, and increases both our physical and mental health. 

When spring arrives and summer beckons, it's time in Canada to get outside and savour triathlon season. Our sport really is like summer vacation when we were kids with some swimming, some bike riding and lots of running around. For triathletes it also means having that fun with some structure to help get us to our goals. 

Training under the eye of a coach not only gives you the guiding hand you need to get the most out of your triathlon training, it provides the critical accountability that keeps you focused on your goals each step of the way.

The individual workouts are important but more so is the overall structure of a training plan. It's about organizing the building blocks workout by workout, week by week to arrive at peak condition on race day. It's about taking your starting point, your schedule, and your goals and creating YOUR training plan.

There are lots of training plans out there in books and magazines. A swim might be listed in print for a Friday. How do they know I can swim on Friday? More important though, is the fact that every single athlete that would use that stock plan would find their body responding in slightly different ways to the workload. Here is where the value of a triathlon coach is perhaps the greatest. Not only is the training plan custom built to your life and goals, it is also changed and tweaked according to your response each week. 

There's one more very important aspect to add. Trust me when I say the training journey is more important than the finish line. Life's too short not to enjoy your time spent swimming, biking and running each day. The right coach will help you to enjoy your weeks and months on this adventure called triathlon. The finish line then is a time to celebrate that amazing journey and a lifetime of memories.

more Tips on Finding a triathlon Coach

There are a lot of triathlon coaches out there and the number just keeps growing.  From elite triathletes that have won championships to the personal trainer looking to offer one more service to their clientele, the variety is immense.  How do you weight factors such as athletic success versus communication skills?  And what about all of the other factors.  Here are some tips to consider before making your decision.


Cost: Let's be realistic; we'd all love to be driving a Porche but most of us can't afford it.  Triathlon Coaching can cost anywhere from $20 for a basic program to $1000 a month for elite guidance.  Determine how much you can afford before even starting to look.  The average athlete will be paying in the area of $100 a month for a personalized program with some feedback.

Qualifications: As we all know, a piece of paper is no guarantee of performance in any discipline.  That said, at least it's a starting point.  We're not going to ask to see a certificate from Dave Scott or Mark Allen, but what about the other triathlon coach that has a much lower profile?  Ask for their qualifications and then do a little research so you understand the source.  While Mark and Dave have proven themselves to be as skilled at coaching as competing, success in races is no guarantee that an individual will be a successful coach.  You must be confident that they also have the skills to listen to your needs and the ability to provide wide ranging training advice instead of only sharing the one approach that worked for them.

The Right Experience: Some tri coaches are blessed with the ability to truly understand and guide all levels of triathletes, from those training 4 hours a week to lose some weight, to Kona qualifiers.  Ensure your coach has experience fulfilling goals similar to your own.

Program Personalization: At a basic level you can buy a pre-set program that is not personalized to your circumstance.  Level two is a template selected based on a very basic profile.  From there the profiles or questionnaires get progressively more in depth, hopefully resulting in a program more carefully constructed around your own circumstances.  At the upper end, the process can also involve consultations in person or over the phone. 

In Person or Virtual Guidance: If you want work on your technique, it is important to have a coach who can observe and correct your skills.  Some online coaches provide remote video correction, but nothing is as effective as in person.  If you are after programming then the virtual/online route is as effective as any, with exponentially greater options.

Follow Up: One of the greatest contributions a coach can make to your season is their ability to change and adapt your program based on your progress and results.  What looked like a good plan in April might now be less than ideal due to anything from injury to accelerated progress.  You may also have questions or require clarification on the contents of your program.  Ensure that you have chosen a coaching option that allows you the appropriate level of access to your coach be it via email, phone or in person. 

There is no right way to train and no one coach has all the answers.  There are many excellent coaches out there with diverse philosophies regarding training athletes and many of them will be able to get you where you want to go.

Canadian Triathlon Coach Directory

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